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At Peterson we provide high impact services and deliverables while leveraging our value chain and industry-expertise on the ground. We can assist you through the whole life cycle of your ESG strategy journey adding beyond financial metrics.

ESG strategy

Environmental, social and governance strategy. Using a capacity-based analysis to develop your company’s sustainability strategy

  • Setting a clear roadmap while meeting the requirements of key stakeholders.
  • Assistance in prioritizing your initiatives and facilitate the setting of non-financial goals and targets.

Development of a sustainability / ESG policy.

  • Strategy to demonstrate tone at the top by reflecting commitment at company level​.
  • Assistance to identify and develop key sustainabitliy policies (Environment, Climate Management, Social, EHS, among others)​.
ESG reporting

Development of high impact sustainability/ESG reports under different standards to meet the needs of your key stakeholders, such as the following:

  • Global Reporting Initiative and SDG aligned reporting
  • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)/Integrated Reporting and preliminary considerations for future IFRS compliance
  • Taskforce for Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
Materiality analysis​

We can help you navigate the complexity on what the relevant subject matters are for your key stakeholders by assisting your organization in the following áreas:​

  • Assistance in developing an initial inventory of key topics and custom made information gathering tools​ ​
  • Identifying and connecting with your key stakeholders through different comunication channels​ ​
  • Organize materiality workshops with key executives of your organization​ ​ ​
  • Benchmark material topics with trends in the sector​ ​
  • Prepare and update the materiality analysis as key input of your ESG report​ ​
Sustainable KPI design and digital dashboard implementation

We can help you beyond the global ESG reporting standards custom-made KPIs to meet regulatory and other stakeholder needs.​

Assistance in setting a baseline of key KPIs as a first step for defining a target and monitoring non-financial performance.​​

​Our team also provides expert advice in developing digital monitoring and reporting tools for tracking the performance of your key sustainability KPIs against targets and for decision making.​​

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